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Business Card Do's and Dont's by Steve S.

With the large number of business cards providers on the market, it is becoming more and more important to make the distinction between the do's and don'ts when choosing the right one. Exceptional business cards should be items clients will hold on to instead of throwing them away.

However, how do you make sure yours will not end up in the discard pile? Read our do's and don'ts related to choosing the best business cards and hopefully you will obtain the reaction you want from your prospect clients:

1. Don't get cheap! Cheaper doesn't always mean better - If you think about it, you can get free business cards as well. But have you ever thought about the image you will send out to your clients? Everyone can use free ones, but do you think they stand out from the crowd? Not likely. If you cannot afford good quality marketing tools, how can you afford to provide quality products/services to your clients? Heavyweight card stock, customized templates, sleek designs and brand reflection can definitely indicate you as a serious provider, one that pays extra attention to details.

2. Do choose clean & simple designs - Essential information, a simple font, a logo and maybe the main slogan of your company are enough to reflect what you can do for your clients. Remember that clients can read among the lines, so the design can easily indicate the level of commitment you can deliver to your clients.

3. Don't forget about the size of the font - Font size should be large enough for people of all ages to read.

4. Start highlighting your most important information - Make a call to action, use larger fonts, bold fonts for highlighting the most important information. If you want them to visit your website, highlight the address.

5. Don't use outdated information -  This is probably one of the most common mistakes There is nothing more unpleasant for a client than an outdated information. Moreover, never try to update the contact information by using a pen. This is a sign that you are too cheap to invest in your image and you don't respect your clients enough than to print a new set of business cards.

6. Do mention a special offer on the back - This can be a great way to give people a reason to call you. A couple examples might be a 15% off price or a free consultation. Think of what your potential client values and make a offer they can't refuse.

7. Don't get flashy! - Many bright colors, a heavy background filled with pictures and cluttered contact information are not the best ways to the peoples' hearts. Keep your business cards simple, clean and easy to read and clients will see what your business is all about!

This article was published on Friday 20 November, 2009.